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Home insurance FAQs

Home may be where the heart is, but it is also where lots of risks exist. As a homeowner, you can lose a lot of sleep if you don’t have good home insurance that makes you feel safe and secure. Home insurance has different parts and each one needs to be designed to suit your needs. Having an independent insurance agent who takes the time to get to know you and your finances is important. In Illinois, OnQuote Insurance is the place to come for personalized service. 

How much liability coverage do I need?

In general, it is suggested that you have at least enough liability coverage to protect what assets you have. That should include the value of your home, vehicles, and any savings that you have. The default amount is usually $100,000 and this may not be nearly enough. 

Does my home insurance cover floods?

Unfortunately, no home insurance does not cover floods. If you live in an area where floods are a danger, you should purchase a dedicated flood insurance policy. 

Is my jewelry covered by my home insurance?

Yes, jewelry is covered under contents coverage. There are limits on the coverage. Check your policy and consider adding a rider to give you additional coverage if you need it. 

If my home is damaged will I be reimbursed for living expenses?

Yes, you will be able to collect additional living costs while your home is uninhabitable up to the limit on your policy.

If my laptop is stolen from my car will it be covered by my home insurance?

Yes, it will. It is the contents of your home and even if it travels with you, it is covered. 

Contact OnQuote Insurance in Illinois when you want to make sure your home policy is customized just for you or you have coverage questions.