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How Distracted Driving in Dairyland Can Affect Your Wisconsin Auto Insurance

Drivers can quickly become distracted by the natural beauty and scenery driving along picturesque Dairyland roads. Distracted driving can significantly impact your auto insurance rates when accidents occur. 

OnQuote Insurance in Wisconsin can help you protect your auto and finances when accidents happen. 

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving doesn’t always result in an accident. Any activity that diverts a driver’s attention away from the road and pays attention to road safety can be considered distracted driving. 

Texting while driving down the road, talking on the phone, or holding the phone with your ear while you’re behind the wheel are typical examples of distracted driving in Dairyland. Other examples of distracted driving include falling asleep at the wheel or watching your favorite television show on your smartphone while cruising down Wisconsin roads. 

According to reports, distracted driving in Wisconsin has led to numerous vehicle accidents, and understanding its impacts can help prevent accidents and reduce the effects on your auto insurance premiums. 

Distracted Driving Can Affect Your Insurance Premiums

Did you know that repeated instances of distracted driving on your record can affect your auto insurance premium? Insurance scoring models take your driving record into account when determining your premium. Drivers with records showing them frequently engaged in distracted driving events and automobile accidents are more likely to be labeled as "high-risk" drivers, which can lead to increased premiums. 

Avoid getting hit with Wisconsin state penalties and fines for distracted driving by paying closer attention when you’re behind the wheel. 

Have more questions about how distracted driving affects your auto insurance?

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